Boston Bombings increase ROTC students desire to serve

{} 24-hours after the 'Boston Bombing's, a group of Holt High School students were showing an act of{} patriotism...putting flags to rest.{} But, there's anger -over the act of terror- raging inside them. "Seeing the smoke come out the buildings...and showing the death toll and all the people have been injured,"said Anthony Blake.{} Mira Moffitt says,"When I'm in JROTC I feel like we should do something about it but we can't sometimes because we're just here."

{}{}As they watched the events in Boston unfold many say it reaffirmed their drive to join the military.{} "One day I hope to go in the U S Marine Corp to protect my country from people like that."{}

{} What disturbed the ROTC group the most was hearing the person responsible may be an international terrorist -- or quite possibly a fellow American... "Scary to see bombs being dropped on us here recently{} its like this could happen anywhere to us," added Blake.

"It's mind boggling, we have people that we let into the United States or people that live in the United States would do something like that."

U.A. Professor of Criminology, Adam Lankford says it could be either or.{} But, he answers the one question many of these ROTC students many people are responsible for the Boston bombings "My guess is I think it would be one individual. I think the two different locations are separated by 500 feet.{} So, it seems credible that some one could drop off a bomb and then drop off another bomb."

Whether it's one or more involved - it makes these future troopers even more determined to serve and protect.{} "People who tear this country apart who are not patriotic -- it reminds you there are people out there who are and willing to help."