BPD investigating taxi cab allegations

{}The Birmingham Police Department is reaching out to citizens about taxi cab company violations and complaints. The Business Compliance Unit has drafted a list of possible complaints from customers:" Taxi Driver Fails to Accept a Fare/Refusal of a Trip " Taxi Driver Offers a Flat Rate for the Fare" Taxi Driver Fails to Turn On the Meter" Taxi Driver Charges an Unreasonably High Fare/Rate" Taxi Driver Refuses to Accept a Credit/Debit Card Payment" Taxi Driver Refuses to Identify Themselves " Taxi Driver's Permit/License is Not DisplayedIf you are in need of reporting one or more of the previous allegations, you should take the following steps:" "Contact the Police" - Non-Emergency Number; 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week 205-328-9311" Get the Name of the Cab Company" Get the Taxi Cab Number" Get the Name of the Driver" Location of Occurrence, Time, Date, Etc " Give a Report of the Event Over the Telephone (Once Transferred to the Call Center/Precinct)" Ask that an Incident/Offense Report be Completed" Describe the Taxi Complaint/Concern/Violation " Make sure the BPD has good Complainant Contact Information" Ask for a Case Number {}The Birmingham Police Department assures citizens they are committed to addressing public safety concerns. They will follow up on the complaint by investigating and citing the taxi company and/or the driver of the taxi if necessary.