Brain Smarts

A recent scientific study shows making an ''A'' doesn't mean you're the smartest student in class.

German researchers studied nearly 700 eighth graders to find the answer.

The students were given psychological and intelligence tests, and others including a measure of the children's memory, cognition, creativity and self control.

Their data showed that the most important factor in getting good grades was the student's score on psychological tests of self-control.

Cognitive ability was the next best predictor of grades, especially on math achievement tests.

Researchers say that success in school is more about self-control than it is about cognitive ability.

The findings revealed that self-control is required to do what is necessary to obtain good grades.

However, getting good grades may not be the same thing as learning.

The thought is-- a student might be pretty poor at turning in homework completed and on time, but nevertheless masters the material.

His or her grades will suffer. {}Alternatively, learning suffers without the self-discipline required to study.