Brain Training Grandmother

At times, we all have difficulty with focus, memory or decision making.

There is a way to improve your brain's cognitive skills including attention, working memory, and logic and reasoning.

Mary Harmon is undergoing "brain training".

The 63 year old attends community college in Memphis.

But since being revived from sudden cardiac arrest she struggles with memory and concentration.

After just four to five days of brain training at ''Learning Rx'' in Cahaba Heights she's noticed significant improvement.

Mary Harmon a{}client at LearningRx says, {}"It's been that dramatic, how have you improved. My visual acuity like talking to you guys now. I would have stopped four or five times by now.{} Either trying to remember or trying to find the word to express what I'm saying I can pretty much do what I want."

Ms. Harmon was inspired to get the training after she saw how her granddaughter's learning skills advanced.

"LearningRx" works with children and adults by assessing their cognitive skills then offering

one-on-one training.{}{} More information can be found on its facebook page:{} LearningRxBirminghamSouth.