Branching into a New Realm Women's Conference

The Granddaughter of the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was in Birmingham Saturday.She was the keynote speaker at the first annual "Branching into a New Realm Women's Conference." Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth, along with several powerful women,{} were part of a panel. The women have made significant contributions to the corporate, health, faith based and civic communities.Women empowering women.Dr. Tashara King says, "We wanted people to know that we're ready to branch into a new realm.{} And we want to take them with us and what better way to branch into a new realm than to have a woman's conference."It's the first of its kind for Davis and King consulting. Dr. King and Kimberly Davis encourage women to achieve objectives, especially the younger generation.Davis says, " So, we feel if we let them know you're okay the way you are, you're beautiful, just the way you are, you have a purpose, it can help them."Saturday's conference informed women of all ages how to tap into their full potential."Today was about branching into a new realm of kinship which was tailored in looking at the chronological history of Black families and how we've involved."Women discussed everything from self worth, to forgiveness and how you can have a balanced life.The granddaughter of the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was the keynote speaker. Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth has an upcoming book about re-directing energies toward healing black families."There are some beautiful things that we've done over time, so getting back to those simple things while also encouraging us take risks and to think bigger and to know we need to support each other along the way."{>}She says conferences like this, reaching out and having discussions, can make a difference in communities."It's definitely moving us into the right direction of knowing who we are, taking care of our communities and taking ownership of our role within a community and not just sitting back talking about the problem.".Part of the ticket proceeds will pay for lunch during the Girls Inc. ACT Prep course.The event is expected to become an annual event.