Brantley Elementary School teacher to return to work after suspension over shooting reenactments

{}A Dallas County elementary school teacher who was suspended for allegedly allowing her students to reenact the shooting deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown will soon return to the classroom, according to superintendent Don Willingham.{} The situation ignited with a Facebook post by Jessica Braughn on the 'Selma Soundoff' page last Tuesday.{} In the post, Braughn said her son's teacher made the students reenact the current shootings of young black males. The white students had to play officers. {} We stopped by Braughn's home Tuesday for comment. {}We found a note outside her telling the media that the "story is over." {} {}{} Superintendent Don Willingham refused to go on camera but said the re-enactment {}was part of a current events assignment and that the teacher never intended for the students to re-enact the shootings of both Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown.{} School officials aren't releasing the teacher's name but have placed her on unpaid administrative leave. {} "I don't think it was right for the other kids...because they all heard about it. {}They all got discouraged and everything. They wanted to change schools," said Charlotte Cook, a parent of three Brantley students.{}