Brasfield & Gorrie/ BLOC releases report to Birmingham Airport Authority

End of the report released from Brasfield & Gorrie/BLOC.

A report from Brasfield & Gorrie and BLOC Global Services Group released Tuesday revealed that the Birmingham Airport Authority did not have knowledge of any stability concerns about the Multiple User Flight Information Display (MUFID) that fell inside Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport on March 22, killing a 10-year-old boy and injuring three of his family members.

"Based on the information reviewed to date, no employee of the Birmingham Airport Authority had knowledge of any stability concerns about the units, nor of any safety issues related to the units." the report states.

The report also reveals the manufacturer of the MUFID units and the company who was in charge of installation.

Fish Construction, a manufacturer of customized millwork and casework for airport and airlines, was subcontracted by Brasfield & Gorrie to build the flight information displays designed by KPS Group. The company, based in Stafford, Tex., subcontracted the installation of the units to Birmingham-based Monumental Contracting.

During the installation of the first MUFID at the airport, Monumental Contracting and Fish Construction exchanged communications regarding the stability of the units and also sought advice from the designer. The report states Brasfield & Gorrie was copied on some of the exchanges, but not all of them.

Fish Construction referred ABC 33/40 to its lawyer, Roderick Nelson, of the Birmingham law firm Spain & Gillon, when asked about the report.

Following the manufacturing of the MUFID that fell inside a new terminal at the airport, Brasfield & Gorrie assembled and installed the unit, which was designed to be freestanding.

"The unit was deemed stable as a freestanding unit after its installation by the crews who installed it." Brasfield & Gorrie/BLOC reported. "In addition, no stability issues were evident while the flight display monitor was installed in the cabinet or after the full assembly was completed."

Representatives of Brasfield & Gorrie and BLOC were expected at today's meeting with the airport authority, but they were not in attendance.

"Brasfield & Gorrie/BLOC will continue to review the issues of this tragic incident and work with all relevant parties to ensure a complete evaluation."

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