Brasfield & Gorrie releases statement regarding safety concerns at Birmingham airport

Brasfield & Gorrie and BLOC Global Services Group, partners in the construction management contract of the modernization project at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, released a statement Thursday night regarding the fatal accident at the airport on March 22.

The statement comes on the same day the Birmingham Airport Authority reported that safety concerns were raised by the project team before a flight information display fell, killing 10-year-old Luke Bresette and injuring three of his family members.

The companies reveal in the release that the large cabinet involved in the accident was installed in early January of this year and was intended to be freestanding. The remaining displays identical in design to the one in question have been removed from the airport while modifications have been completed to the other still-present cabinets.

The local construction giant says it is confident that the airport is once again safe for travelers.

Full statement from Brasfield & Gorrie/BLOC:

"The Birmingham Airport Authority has released an additional statement regarding the tragic airport incident on March 22 when a flight information cabinet fell over in the newly renovated terminal.

"According to their statement, members of the project team had concerns about the stability of the cabinets, and they discussed those concerns to arrive at an appropriate solution. We have concluded that the cabinet that fell was put in place in early January 2013 and it was designed by and installed to be freestanding. Brasfield & Gorrie/BLOC Global Services Group is looking into all the information we have and our team members have that can help determine why the cabinet fell over. The remaining freestanding cabinets similar to the one that fell have been removed. Modifications recommended by the design team at KPS Group to other cabinets have been completed.

"We are confident that the airport is safe for travelers and airport workers. The tragedy that occurred on March 22 must not be repeated. We all must ensure that every step in every project is fully reviewed and completed, and that transparent inspection processes take place."