Breaking up isn't hard to do - with an app

It is Neil Sedaka who sang, "Breaking Up is Hard to Do." These days, perhaps not so much. There is an app for that which{}does all the dirty work for you.

The Breakup Text app can provide just the right words to say before you hit send. The app has a humorous side if you believe that might be appropriate. It can also write a long, flowing, goodbye if that is better.

The breakup begins by the person ending the relationship answering a few basic questions, including whether the relationship was really ever serious. Then, there is the nasty question of whether the breakup has been caused because the sender found someone new.

A couple more clicks, and there, it is finished. A text sent. A relationship lost. What happened to being man or woman enough to look someone in the eye and say, "It's over!"

The Breakup Text app costs 99 cents. Let us hope the relationship was worth more than that in the beginning!

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