Bresette family wants to "Live Like Luke"

A Kansas City family strives to "Live Like Luke" every day. Their ten year old son, Luke Bresette, was killed when a flight display fell on him at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport last year. Now, they want to honor Luke by helping others.A settlement approved in Jefferson County court Wednesday ended the Bresette's wrongful death suit. It was filed against contractors Brasfield & Gorrie and BLOC. Now, the family says they can start the next chapter of their lives and start the Live Like Luke Foundation to help families through good and bad times.Over the last 18 months, many people have watched the Bresettes grieve, heal and celebrate life.

"People tell us we are strong, we are inspirational. We are just like anybody else," said Ryan Bresette, Luke's father.

The family vacationed in Destin, Florida March 2013. On their way home to Kansas City, a flight display at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport fell. It killed Luke and injured two of his brothers and mother. They say support, faith and living like Luke got them through it.

"Living like Luke means squeezing every ounce of life out of every moment," said Heather Bresette, Luke's mother.

Luke's parents are starting the Live Like Luke Foundation.

His father says the foundation is to "carry on his personality, his smile, his love of live, his love of people."{}

"It's for kids to be the best they can be. For those that may not have the financial backing to do sports or extra-circular activities, we want to help fulfill their dreams," explained Luke's father.

It's also a way for the family to pay it forward and help support other families through hard times.

"That's what's gotten us through this whole year and a half-{} knowing somehow Luke is going to touch many people's lives," said his mother.

Brasfield & Gorrie and BLOC say they are committed to doing what's right. A statement was released saying, "we have worked together to have an open dialog about the events leading up to the accident and steps that can be taken in the future to prevent anything like this from happening again."The Birmingham Airport Authority is also planning to put a memorial near where the display fell. The Bresettes have been presented with two proposals. Once the family selects one, the authority will release details about the memorial.