Bright idea has Kentuck soaring above the bats

{}{}{}{} Bats may have run the lovers of art from their main building in Downtown Northport, but a major part of Kentuck is bouncing back thanks to a bright idea.

{}{}{}{} "People come from all over the United States.{} I met a lady from the New York Times," said Kentuck Director, Amy Echols.{}{} She was referring to the excitement{} that leads to the big annual Kentuck Arts Festival.{} Its a culmination of the monthly Art Night, which haven't been the same since bats invaded the attic of Kentuck's main office last spring. "Its been almost a year that we have gone without a gallery space for our art nights," added Echols.

{}{}{}{} But, two doors down, behind the temporary art shop inside Kentuck's activity center, a worker had a bright idea.{} He started building four walls to bring back the Art Night exhibits.{} "He recruited a few artists who he knew was experienced with building walls."

{}{}{}{}It will be called the TEMP gallery, which is short for Transitory-Episodic-Momentary-Provisional gallery.{} The volunteer project is nearly complete, painted and ready to showcase artistic skills again from across the country.{} "Sometimes its sculptures, sometimes their paintings, glass and woodworking and we would present this to the community...We had put all of our artists on hold that we had planned a year in advance.{} So, now we're trying to reschedule all of the artists that we've missed the past year."

{}{} The next Art Night is February 6th.

{}{}{} Plans are still in the works to renovate Kentuck's main office building where the bats have been removed and cleaned.