Brighton Police investigating homicide

Brighton police are investigating a homicide outside a popular store. ABC 33/40 was the first on the scene of the shooting on Huntsville Avenue.{}

No arrest has been made, but Brighton Police Chief Johnny Johnson, says they're looking for a suspect. One man died after being shot in front of Brighton Grocery & Package, also known as the blue store. Another person was taken to UAB hospital with unknown injuries. Family members of the victim killed say he was basically at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"All I do is hold her and say Lord Jesus, have mercy, because it hurts." Brenda Ward lost her son, now she's comforting another mom who just lost her only child to violence.{} Family members, grieved at the scene.The victim's cousin, Maheishewa Williams, "I'm still trying to unravel the thought that he's gone, a good person that has left his kids behind." Even one of the victim's children, Quindarius Coles, was at the scene "Everything I needed my dad gave to me."Ward says, "He just sold tapes in front of that store and has been doing that for year."But in front of the place known as the blue store in Brighton, a day of business for Ajamu Coles ended tragically.Brenda Ward says "There were two gentlemen arguing out of the car and he was just trying to make the piece."When police arrived, shell casings were all over the parking lot. Police Chief Johnny Williams says "Apparently , they just came up and started shooting at him. Young man who was struck was out here selling tapes. I'm not sure why he was in motion when this happened, but he was running from the guns."Another man was also shot and taken to the hospital. More than a hundred people, including children, watched investigators look for evidence with the victim still lying near the store.

Brenda Ward says "Once you pull that trigger, you can't go back, you can't give life at all."Maheishewa Williams says "I know there's a higher power, whatever you do does not go unseen. This is the third time this has happen to someone in my family."

Chief Johnson says this is the first homicide in Brighton this year. But there has been three shootings in the last three weeks. Families say they want the violence to end.