Brother of missing driver in water crash speaks out

Within hours of being released from DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa, the brother of a missing man in{}Greene County was back on the scene where he says he last saw his brother alive.{}"I just showed them where I got out at. And maybe they can go from there," says Brian Smith.

Smith says he{}ripped several discs in his back Sunday when he and his brother,{}Kevin Gray drove a 2014 Dodge Challenger into the Black Warrior River at the Lock{}7 boating dock.{} Smith says Gray was driving and they weren't paying attention to the road. '...and before we realized it, there was no warning and boom there it was."

He denies they were speeding down County Road 53 before it busted through a steel aluminum guard rail and hit water.{} But, Alabama State Troopers have said the car reached at-least 90mph.

Once in the water, Smith says he climbed out the passenger window and his brother climbed out the back. "I knew he could swim, but I couldn't swim. But, he told me we've got to go for it and that's what we tried to do. [WHO JUMPED IN FIRST?] We hit the water at the same time"

Smith ended up making it out.{} Kevin remains missing. Smith says he never saw his brother go under. "I heard him swimming behind me..I heard him splashing...then it was just me."

Although divers have called off their search, Gray's family is now doing its own.{} They're walking in banks and nearby woods. Greene County's Sheriff Joe Benison is planning to bring in a special breed of dogs to search on Friday. "I'm told they do have two search dogs that do search on water," said Benison.

Meanwhile, Smith says he won't sleep well until his brother is found.{} "I'm devastated. That's my brother, my best friend and he's out there. We were inseparable and I intend to stay out here until we find him."

The family has also hired its own dive team.{} Its scheduled to arrive in Greene County from Huntsville where Gray lives Saturday.