Brush fire alarms Vestavia Hills residents

Courtesy: @woodsideblog via Twitter

A brush fire is now contained on a hill near Brookwood Medical Center. Firefighters are still monitoring hot spots.

The fire posed a threat to a neighborhood in Vestavia Hills.

"Look at all the sparks and things. It covered up my neighbors house." Patrick Boone arrived home to find a road block.

Vestavia Hills and Homewood firefighters tackled a brush fire just below Vestavia Drive.

Boone says, "The police officer said I might want to consider packing a bag so that if we have to leave, we could leave quickly."

Wind became a challenge, blowing embers toward houses.

Connor Nyman says, "We're just worried about this wind. Hope it doesn't make it over to our house, it's terrifying."

Flames spread several acres. Firefighters worked from different angles to extinguish the flames.

Homewood Fire Chief, John Bresnan, says "It's hard to get hose lines up from the bottom. We have Vestavia working from the top side, but it's not an easy terrain to get to."

Bresnan says a fallen power line started the fire. Power was out in some places. It took around three hours for crews to get the fire contained.

There's no word yet on what caused the power line to fall, but firefighters say this weather has been challenging, especially because it's been so dry.

No one was hurt.