Bullying Advice for Parent & Child

Bullying comes in many forms.

But, {}as parents, what do you do if you think your child is dealing with bullying?

First, ask him or her.

Your child may want to deal with it on their own.{} Child psychologists advise, suggesting to help only if they want you to.{} You may ask your child about getting teachers or the principal involved.

But, it's critical you send your child back to school empowered.{} So, the next time they're bullied, they'll know how to handle it.

Dr. Joe Austerman at Cleveland Clinic has this advice for your child who's being bullied, "You stand up for yourself.{} You say "That's not right. I did not like the way that you treated me. That wasn't nice. Why did you do that?" And to look the other person in the eye- stand tall. Don't cower or run away; but, don't fight back physically, if you can help it."