Thursday's home invasion, burglary reminds Tuscaloosa community of February killing

The burglary scene on Windsor Drive and University Boulevard Thursday brought about eery feelings for some people standing by{}watching in Alberta.

It frightened Darrell Robinson to hear a 61-year-old woman was attacked and a suspect was still on the loose.

{}"I'm fearful for my life. They don't need to be breaking in other folks house," said Robinson.

Following ABC 33/40's interview with Robinson, Tuscaloosa police said in a release that the suspect in the home invasion was in custody.

Police say the victim reported hearing someone knocking at her home around 7 a.m. and was assaulted shortly after opening the door.

"A black male suspect asked her a question, forced himself into the residence, assaulted the victim, took some money from her and then left the residence," said Sgt. Brent Blankley.

Neighbors like Robinson have been concerned about violent burglaries and recent break-ins to vehicles in the{}area for a while, prompting some residents to form neighborhood watches.

"They say we have a neighborhood watch program, but neighbors are not even watching out for people breaking into your house and calling police," Robinson said.

The victim's home is less than a mile from where 73-year-old Kate Ragsdale was brutally murdered earlier this year.{} However, police have not obtained any evidence that indicates the two cases are connected in any manner.

Meanwhile, Tuscaloosa police spent much of the day collecting evidence outside the victim's home hoping to track down her attacker.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where she is expected to recover from non-life threatening injuries sustained in the attack.