Burglar season in Center Point: Homeowner uses game-hunting camera to catch 2 suspected thieves

Beth Ann Chasteen, left, and Christian Eric Gamache, right.

CENTER POINT, Alabama -- Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. A Center Point man who had his home burglarized earlier this month couldn't have put his game-hunting camera to good use any sooner than he did because he was about to be robbed again the very next day. The homeowner, who lives in the 1800 block of Reed Road, was burglarized July 11, prompting him to set up a video camera outside his house to record images of any future thieves mulling around on his property. The following day, the man came home and discovered his lawnmower was missing. But after reviewing footage from his makeshift surveillance camera, he learned the mower was stolen by a man and a woman, who were seen loading his property into the back of a truck. He shared the images of the suspects with Jefferson County Sheriff's Office investigators. The sheriff's office then disseminated the images on social media and it wasn't long before the tips began to roll in, identifying the suspects as 34-year-old Beth Ann Chasteen and 41-year-old Christian Eric Gamache, both of Odenville. On Monday, after obtaining arrest warrants, deputies enlisted the help of Odenville police in locating the two suspects, taking them into custody and transporting them to the Jefferson County Jail. Chasteen and Gamache are charged with second-degree theft of property and remain in jail on $15,000 bonds.