Burned Body Found In Fairfield

Police are conducting a death investigation after a burned body was found in the 500 block of 40th St. in Fairfield.Witnesses say the body was found in the backyard of a vacant home. There was a burned area in one spot of the grass behind the house and the back door was open. Police have yet to identify the cause of death. The investigation is ongoing. Fairfield police Chief Leon Davis says officers were called to the house around 11:30. Officers found an unknown deceased white female, whose{}body had been set on fire. Due to the degree of burns, the victims identity is unknown. Chief Davis says the cause of death is also unknown pending the coroner's autopsy. The primary focus of this investigation says Davis, is to identify the victim and notification of next of kin. All evidence found at the scene indicates the body was transported to the vacant house for disposal and is not the location where the death occurred.