Update: Bus fees for Hoover students delayed, State Superintendent comments

The superintendent of Hoover City Schools has decided to delay fees for school bus service another year. Hoover parents should received a letter soon explaining the fee system that will go into effect fall 2015.Superintendent Andy Craig told ABC 33/40's Marissa Mitchell that he met with Alabama State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tommy Bice about the issue. After talks Monday, Craig says he will wait another year. He says details still need to be worked out about how much parents will be charged if their student only rides a few days and not the entire week.The fees will also allow for the school system to expand bus service. Right now, students living within a two mile radius of school are not offered service. Craig says all students will be able to provide the bus regardless of where they live in the district.UPDATE: Statement from State Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice"I had a very comprehensive and informative meeting with Mr. Craig on Monday afternoon. During which he shared the multiple, thoroughly researched and analyzed cost saving strategies the system has, and continue to pursue.{} It was clear that protection of the academic integrity of the system is paramount in those decisions, as he and the Board have been able to maintain level funding in this area, while seeing significant increases to their student population.{}{} Student transportation is but one of many areas under study, as there remain legal questions to be answered but we are working through those collaboratively.{} I was most encouraged that there is no immediate implications for transportation for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. It will be a year of study and planning, as key questions are answered." {}--Dr. Tommy Bice Stay with us for more on the change and how it could impact the system's budget.The Hoover City School board has also released a statement{}{} - click here for the full document.