Business booms downtown


Downtown development is booming - in part thanks to the Barons first year at Regions Field. Now, restaurants, pubs, hotels, and residential communities are moving in around the stadium and that's giving Birmingham a big economic boost.


Birmingham's Railroad Park and Regions Field district is changing fast...

"You've got people constantly walking and feeling comfortable walking and going to different shops and restaurants," David Fleming, REV Birmingham said.

David Carrigan is one of those entrepreneurs. He took an old warehouse and turned it into a pub.

"There is a momentum for sure," Carrigan said. "People's mindsets are changing. {}I think it's generational on some level."

His pub opened up on Morris Avenue just three months ago...

"I think it's an awesome thing when new businesses come in and breathe life back into these old buildings and they continue a story," Carrigan said.

It's one of several new projects this Fall including hotels, 1100 residential units, a new restaurant called Brava Grill and the popular food truck, Melt is expanding to a full-fledged restaurant.

"A lot of people are getting excited about it particularly younger demographics - people who are moving back to the city who moved away and they're wanting to have that vibrant city life," Fleming said.{}

REV Birmingham says the growth is, in part, thanks to the Barons. They set a record for attendance and regions field was {}named ballpark of the year.

"We've entered the Fall, we've come off of a very successful first season for the Barons back in downtown and more crowds at Railroad Park, more interest in residential development happening downtown, so the momentum is moving forward," Fleming said.