Businesses offer deals for Mother's Day

They give us life and Sunday businesses around Birmingham wanted to give back to Mom and Mothers certainly appreciated saving a little money while sharing some fun with their family.

Mother's Day was definitely a treat for Keshia Padlow. Yogurt Mountain is one of many businesses that offered a sweet deal for moms.

Keshia Padlow says "We do so much for our families during the week and just to have a little appreciation on a Sunday once a year is really awesome."

And it's a savings grace during what many are still calling a tight economy. Padlow says "It's had with four, so anywhere there's a good deal like this 6 ounce free yogurt, we definitely try to take up on that."

Moms saved nearly 3 to 4 dollars or more at Yogurt Mountain..

They could save 12 dollars at the McWane Center, where moms got in free. Lorene Fallon says, "I think it's a great thing they're doing that for us, it really helps out."

Magan Cromer says it's a perk for families on a budget. "Especially right now while everyone is having hard times finding jobs it's rough."

Takela Jackson says, "You want to do something for Mother's Day, but at the same time, you want to please your kids. And that's just like Mom, she usually thinks of her children first.

But whether it's getting a free flower at Region's Field or a free yogurt. It's that family time, no matter the day, that mothers consider, priceless.

Keshia Padlow says "Having my four kids is the most amazing thing in my life and I'm so thankful God has blessed me with them."

Moms could also get a dollar off Vulcan Park admission and could also received 20-percent off the zipline at Red Mountain Park.