Businesses on edge after rash of burglaries in Homewood

Three businesses were targeted Thursday morning and now associates want to beef up their security.

Police say LV Nails, Jasmin Arch Threading Lounge and Headstart Hair care salon were burglarized.

The businesses are next door to each other off Greensprings{}Highway. {}

The locks had been removed from the front doors. The thieves got away with $125 from Jasmin Arch Threading lounge and $8 Headstart.

Stylist Taylor Ray says the burglars also cut the wires behind the front desk. Ray says she plans to be more watchful. "I'm going to keep my guard up a lot more. Not to say that it wasn't up before, but it's going to be up a lot more than it was before. You just have to be careful and a lot more cautious when you leave at night," says Ray.

Police are still investigating this case. If you have any information, please call the {}Homewood police department.