Businesses prepare for Bama and Notre Dame fans

Regardless of the outcome of BCS National Championship, one Birmingham bar will be celebrating a victory. Nearly every play will be accompanied by cheers and boos simultaneously from fans at Rogue Tavern. That's because Notre Dame and Bama fans will be sitting side by side for the action.

It's a night that has required much planning and extra staff.

The night seems to be all about the Crimson Tide from Urban Standard's special red velvet cookies to Tide T-shirts and signs beginning with "Roll Tide" announcing the reopening of stores, like Academy and Dick's, if and only if Alabama wins. There's even locked up boxes of championship gear for that win.

"Even at the house when I am home, I'm getting phone calls, 'what's the shirts look like? What are you doing? Are you expecting a large crowd.' The anticipation everyone has is beyond measure," said Robert Browning, manager of Academy Sports and Outdoors in Hoover.

There is quite of anticipation for the staff at Buffalo Wild Wings in Gardendale. This is just the restaurant's second night of business. Already at lunch, it was packed and an officer was monitoring traffic.

"Controlled chaos," said general manager Sean O'Brien. "We're expecting a lot of people to come in and a lot of mad people at the same time because we can only seat so many people."

Rogue Tavern seemed to have it all under control.

"Thankfully we've had three national championship games for Alabama before, so we know what to expect," said Jeremy Hackney, owner of Rogue.

But controlled chaos may be a better way to describe the scene once at least fifty Fighting Irish fans take their seats alongside Bama fans for the game.

"We just hope they don't have too good of a time or any cause for celebration," joke Hackney.

Notre Dame fans at Rogue aren't an unfamiliar sight. The local Notre Dame alumni group watches all of the games there.