Businesses, group raise concerns over ALDOT I 20/59 project

Business leaders and the group Rethink 20/59 want Alabama{}Department of Transportation{}to change its proposed plan for a bridge replacement project on Interstate 20/59 in Birmingham.

The $300 million project consists of adding traffic lanes, closing ramps from 17th Street to 31 Street North and making 11th Avenue North a main lane for highway traffic.

Both{}groups say the project will make it inconvenient for drivers to reach some retailers and businesses.{}One business owner, Betsy Saab of Saab Tire & Automotive, says{}there are about 100 business owners against the closing of the 31st Street North entrance and exit ramp, a main artery for truckers and other industrial businesses.

ALDOT is scheduled to meet with Birmingham City leaders Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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