BWWB reacts to scathing audit

The Birmingham Water Works Board and its executives spoke out Thursday about a scathing audit, commissioned by the board, that was recently released.The audit, completed by Michael Mason of Forensic CPAs, found several issues including mismanagement and payroll problems.BWWB General Manager Mac Underwood said some issues were addressed before the audit was complete. He also contended some of findings were "opinion-based."{}"He didn't find fraud. He said some things could lead to fraud," Underwood said.Board Member Sherry Lewis says board members received the report Friday. Others said they want to sit down and go through the report as well as mark down corrective actions that will or have been done to correct problems.Underwood also said Mason violated disclosure agreement and failed to meet with him or BWWB board members to discuss the audit's findings. Underwood said Mason is no longer allowed on BWWB property.ABC {}33/40 reached out to Mason for comment. At this time, no response has been received.

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