Calera church pays off mortgage

It's a task not easy to do. But a church, founded more than a hundred years ago in Calera, celebrated a big victory Sunday. Even Governor Robert Bentley sent the congregation of New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church a letter about the feat.

"It was a small, white church on cinder blocks. It was founded in 1888." Much rejoicing at New Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Calera. Much love for the past and hope for the future. Reverend Harry Jones says "One of our long range goals is we want to build a family life center."

Candice Griffith, who grew up in the church, would love to see a child care learning facility here. "Our goal and motto is to reach the world for Christ{}and that's what we plan to do with extra money from being able to pay the mortgage off."

A mortgage around 800,000 dollars. The church held a{}mortgage burning celebration Sunday afternoon with prayer, song and fellowship. Jones says "Very rarely do people have the opportunity to pay off a mortgage in this economy and God has enable us to that." With tithes.

Griffith says "For this to finally happen in 12 years ahead of a 20 year mortgage is phenomenal. It's a blessing from God."

Even Governor Robert Bentley extended his congratulations in a letter, calling the church a cornerstone of the Calera community. Calera Mayor John Graham says "This is good for the community. Our Community is grown. In the last ten years, we have grown to where we're almost 12,000 for the population now."

Reverend Harry Jones says the congregation has grown and really came together to pay off the mortgage. Heaven only knows what the future will bring. "Just thank God, we're just excited, we're gonna celebrate this day and we'll move on from here."

Reverend Jones says it's a blessing the mortgage was paid off early despite the economic hardship many are still feeling.