Calera marching band needs $$$ to get to D.C.

Shelby County's Calera High School marching band members have a once in a lifetime opportunity, to march in the 57th presidential inauguration day parade next month in Washington, D.C.

But first, the band needs $60,000.{} As of Thursday, they've only raised $4,800. The band found out Tuesday they had been selected.

Despite the short time frame to raise such a large sum of money, the band director and students are confident they will reach their goal.

Band director Ryan Murrell says, "We've had a lot of people call in and say, we want to help, they want to do what they can and no amount is too small. (The students) are working very hard, a lot of people have said they are contacting anybody and everybody."

If you're interested in making a donation, click here.

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