Calhoun Co. DA on Anniston boy's murder: 'He wet his pants, and he died for it'

Calhoun County District Attorney Brian McVeigh says 5-year-old Gregory Caver was murdered in Anniston last week after urinating in his pants.

"He wet his pants, and he died for it." McVeigh said.

Caver's mother, 28-year-old India Kimble, and her 26-year-old boyfriend, Vonta McClellan, have been charged with capital murder in connection with the boy's death. Kimble was arrested in Mobile Tuesday by US Marshals and has since been transported back to Anniston, booked into jail.

Investigators say McClellan used a belt to beat little Gregory into unconsciousness on the morning of July 26, ultimately causing his death at Children's of Alabama later that day. According to McVeigh, Kimble allegedly verbally accosted her son during his beating, hence her arrest for murder. {} McClellan is also accused of striking his 7-year-old daughter with the same belt used to beat Caver. He was arrested on child abuse charges prior to being charged with murder. McVeigh says Kimble had other children present at the time of the incident, but they were physically unharmed. On the death of a child, McVeigh says, "there are no words that are adequate when a child dies, especially when they are victims of abuse." Investigators ask anyone with any additional information about previous incidents of abuse involving McClellan or Kimble to contact the Anniston Police Department or the Calhoun County District Attorney's Office. Court dates for the two suspects are expected to be set within the next 60 days, and according to McVeigh, it could be two years before they go to trial.