Calhoun Co. Jail looking to add cows and pigs

The Calhoun County{}Jail's{}garden program may soon take on a new look. Chief Deputy Matthew Wade says the Sheriff's Department is exploring adding cows, pigs and chickens.

"Once again, looking to save money," said Wade.

For the past seven years, the jail has used minimum security inmates to plant and harvest vegetables and fruits on a half acre site, once used by the Anniston school system for its agriculture program. Wade says the program is a{}money saver for taxpayers. The food is used exclusively to feed inmates. It supplements money used to purchase food for the jail.{} Wade points out the state provides less than $2 per day to feed prisoners.

"We might buy 12 to 24 calves," said Wade " We would use them for ground beef."

Last year, the garden produced $20,000 worth of{}fruits and vegetables.

County Commissioner Eli Henderson says there is support among commissioners for the expansion of the garden program. Wade says, right now, there is no price tag on the proposed expansion.