Calhoun County Sheriff's Office trains gun owners on safety


Americans are arming themselves in record numbers.{}Gun sales have shot to record levels since the Sandy Hook school shooting. Now,{}lots of people are getting help making sure they handle their guns safely and legally.

The Calhoun County Sheriff tells us, this has been a record breaking week for them.{}They issued more permits Wednesday than they usually have in one week's time{}and Thursday night, they had more than double the amount of people they typically see in their safety course learning *how* to use those weapons.

Inside the Calhoun County Jail, the multipurpose room just wasn't{}big enough."We're going to make sure everyone has a chair!"Sheriff Larry Amerson told the crowd."I think people are taking it more seriously{}now about protecting yourself and your family," Pat Nolen, a participant said.This room is a microcosm of what's happening across the US."We are selling more permits in this period of time than we have ever sold," Sheriff Amerson said. "A lot of people are feeling concerned, they fear for their safety and they want to have a firearm and they hope that will do it. What we hope to teach them is merely having a firearm does not solve your problem."The interest in firearms is exploding. With more background checks, and permits than ever, the companies that make guns can hardly keep up."I just wanted to learn the law of carrying a concealed weapon, what the laws were, especially with everything that has been going on lately, like what my rights are," Melanie Royer, a participant said.Families came to learn about state laws and when to pull the trigger."Especially with these recent events, people have started to realize hey this can happen anywhere so it's important that I be prepared," Daniel O'Donnell, a 17 year old participant said."I feel like my family needs to learn and understand the importance of firearms and firearms safety along with our second amendment rights," Randy O'Donnell, his Dad said.