Callahan artwork getting restored

Beauty can fade with age.

That's exactly why an original work of art at the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital is getting a restoration.

'Complex Vision' -- created by Yakov Agame 40-years-ago, is kinetic art.

It changes its appearance as a traveler moves in either direction on University Boulevard.

Over the years, the sun and exposure to the elements took a toll on the art. Today, crews began taking down each panel.

It will be sent to Florida to be restored.

"What we'll have back is a sculpture that is back to it's original intent. Approved by the artist, who by the way is still alive. When we get it back, we'll have the piece as it was put up in 1976," says Brian Sprayberry with the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital.

The entire restoration process is expected to take at least five months.

The value of 'Complex Vision' was estimated two-years-ago at close to $12 million.

The restoration is made possible through private donations.