Candidates campaign this Independence Day

It's a day for barbecuing, spending time at the pool and enjoying time with family and friends. But, some politicians were out campaigning. There's only eleven days until the runoff vote.

Today, the{}sixth congressional district republican candidates, Gary Palmer and Paul DeMarco made several stops across the district this Fourth of July. Paul DeMarco made a campaign stop at the Indian Springs parade this morning, meeting with constituents. In Homewood, Gary Palmer made an appearance at the 65th annual Fourth of July BBQ{}festival at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic church. They both steered clear of personal attacks, saying they want voters to remember the freedoms celebrated today. "This is a good day to remember the importance of this country and to remember to vote," says DeMarco."Especially today on Independence Day,{}I want the voters to know that we can get our country turned around," Palmer said.The runoff election takes place Tuesday, July 15. The winner will take on democratic candidate Avery Vise in the general election.