Candidates in Jefferson County Commission District run-off discuss race

Incumbent George Bowman, left, and candidate Earl Hilliard Jr., right.

Candidates in the run-off have one final weekend to ask for your vote. The runoff is Tuesday. Jefferson County Commissioner George Bowman isn't ready to give up his District 1 seat. Earl Hilliard, Jr. thinks it's time.

ABC 33/40 wondered how the candidates planed to win on runoff Tuesday, so talked to each in their respective offices. ABC 33/40 learned both are used to serving people in their own ways.

Hilliard, Jr. is an attorney and filmmaker. He's done a lot of government relations work.

"I am somebody who has worked in the community. I just try to stay active. I try to get things done," said Hilliard.

Bowman holds the District 1 Jefferson County Commission seat now. He also knows working with the government.

I was basically a signal officer most of my career until I made general. I worked in the private sector and managed multi-million dollar organizations," said Bowman.

Bowman's focus is on restoring Cooper Green, reducing sewer rates and leveling the playing field for all Jefferson County businesses.

"The platform I am running on is a very basic platform. It's the issues that affect the citizens in district one," added Bowman.

Three is also the magic number for Hilliard, Jr.

"I've been running on economic development, fiscal responsibility and cooperative governing," added Hilliard.

Each man has a following. Both can't win.

"We have done everything you can possibly do in a campaign from walking door-to-door, walking the communities and walking to churches," added Hilliard, Jr.

"We've been appealing to our base and to our strength of those voters that voted for us before in numbers," added Bowman.

The candidates seem to know what it takes and understand there is a challenge.

"It's projected we are going to have an even lower turnout rate in this runoff that we had in a primary. We are encouraging and giving voters a reason to come back out an vote one more time," added Bowman.

"They've heard it all. They've seen it all. They've had people walk and tell them they're going to make a difference," added Hilliard, Jr.

Bowman, who's held the job five years, told ABC 33/40 this campaign has taught him to maintain consistency. Hillliard, Jr. told ABC 33/40 this campaign has shown him, even more, people are hurting and want someone to champion their causes.