Capt. Jim Coker calls sex charges against Hankins "horrific"

Hoover Police Capt. Jim Coker has never seen anything like it.

"A $6 million bond...I've never seen one that high," he said.

Seven charges are now against{}32-year-old Jason Hankins in Jefferson and Shelby counties, including rape first degree, sodomy first degree, production of child pornography, sexual abuse first degree, sexual abuse to a child less than 12 years of age and electronic solicitation of a child.

Coker calls the charges horrific.

"This is a child who cannot protect herself," Coker said. "A child, who, unlike an adult...under 12, you don't stand a chance."

Hankins worked at Shades Crest Baptist Church in the Family Life Center, in Hoover.

Thursday, Pastor Bryan Lee did verify Hankins worked there and that he voluntarily resigned this past weekend, but Lee would not talk about Hankins' possible direct involvement with children.

Coker says if there are other victims out there now is the time to come forward.

"If you have any other information about him, please contact us," Coker said. "[If] your child attended this center, this church, please talk to your child. If you have any us."

If you have information on this case you can call the Hoover Police Department's Family Services Unit at 205-739-6822.