Car crashes into Birmingham house

Neighbors living on 16th Way Southwest in Birmingham say they're dealing with a serious problem.Numerous accidents are happening around a dangerous curve.Sunday a car slammed into a house.Neighbors say no one was hurt. But there are many concerns."I was wondering was I going to run or duck, was it going to hit our home." But a dodge charger hit the house across the street from Marcus Yarbrough's house. "I heard the car coming, screeching around the corner." "Instead of having a head on collision or veering our way and hitting our side, he ran into their front yard."Yarbrough says there have been multiple accidents on 16 Way Southwest."A couple of cars collided and landed in that couple's yard across the street. I've seen a motorcycle hit there."The homeowner affected by Sunday's accident, did not want to go on camera, but agrees other neighbors have been affected too. Her aunt across the street told us cars have damaged her ramp several times.Neighbor Carol Head says, "This is a bad corner, a bad curve." The people don't slow down." She says a driver hit her husband's truck and in a separate accident.. another house was also hit."A few years ago a car came this way, ran into the light tan house and tore that side up." There are signs warning drivers about the curve, but neighbors say many drivers still don't slow down. Head says, "I wish it could be a one way."Some think speed bumps could also be the answer in preventing this from happening again. " A kid could be out their riding their bike and they could be hurt or killed."We were unable to talk with the driver. The homeowner did say police were at the scene investigating the accident.