Car tag renewal locations opening Monday

Being able to renew a car tag in Hoover begins Monday. And, it's available for any resident of Jefferson County. The temporary location for this new car tag renewal service will be at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. But, a permanent site is still in the works.The city is looking for space in Hoover.{} Hoover city councilman, John Lyda, says the finishing touches on the tag renewal project are taking place at the Hoover Met.{} "The county has been overseeing the project at the Met, to get the technology up and running to get ready for Monday." Beginning Monday, the ticket office at the Met will serve as a tag renewal site for Hoover and Jefferson County residents. Only tag renewals will take place at this location 8:00 AM{}to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.{} The facility will be operated and staffed by Jefferson County employees. Long lines at the Jefferson County courthouse prompted the state legislature to allow municipalities in Jefferson County to open tag renewal locations.{}The City of Clay also will begin tag renewals Monday at city hall. Clay city manager Ronnie Dixon says only Clay residents will be able to renew their car tags at this site.{}{}