Carbon Hill's indicted mayor won't attend council meeting

{}{}{} ABC 33/40 has learned Carbon Hill's indicted mayor James Richardson will not attend Thursday night's city council meeting.

{}{}{} It was Richardson's first scheduled meeting since being indicted, arrested and released on bond regarding 9 sex charges and 2 counts of harassment allegedly involving four jail inmates.

{}{}{}{}Richard's attorney, Ken Guin has called the allegations political.

{}{}{}{}Guin tells ABC 33/40, Richardson is sick, went to the doctor Thursday and will not preside over Thursday's council meeting as he had planned.

{}{}{} Since the controversy, Richardson has conducted city business from his home because a part of his bond deal prevents him from being at city hall.

{}{}{}{} We've learned Mayor Richardson is in the process of moving his office to Carbon Hill's Community Center, across the street from city hall.{}{} He'll work out of there until his trial which has not{} been set.