Care Ambulance services abruptly close with no explanation

Northport's 'Care Ambulance service' sent its employees home, and the company gave few answers. Behind closed doors, Regional Vice President Dennis Poole, had little to say.

Poole says the employees will still get paid, but never said why the business shut down. "They will be compensated what they've worked. We will do what we've got," says Poole.

Care Ambulance has provided services in Northport for about a year. Before that, there was just Northstar which will continue to serve the area.

"We would've appreciated to have more notice," says Northport City Administrator Scott Collins. He says they were notified just like everyone else, Monday morning. He says the agreement between the city and care ambulance has a thirty day clause that will likely be reviewed since this happened.

But his focus is making sure the city has the proper care. Collins says, "At this point, we're just in the process of ensuring that services are provided. And that everyone in the community receives the treatment care that they need."

Meanwhile, Poole and his group of helpers continued to move out with no explanation to the employees, the city and the media.

If you need medical attention, you're encouraged to call 911.