Cars are retrieved after being abandoned for days

The Alabama National Guard is using nine heavy duty wreckers to move stranded vehicles to the shoulder of the road. They are working with state troopers assisting drivers in recovering cars.

Many people trekked down the side of steep hills and up the shoulders of busy highways to get back to where the trouble started. For those who may be having trouble getting back into the flow of things, the National Guard and Alabama State troopers, along with ASAP roadside assistance{} are available to help. "Whatever is needed to get these vehicles back on the road we'll do that. And we'll do that in a timely manner and safe manner. That's the reason the troopers are here to make sure it's done safely," said Curtis Summerville with the Alabama State Troopers.

Many people have not been able to come back to their cars yet so the National Guard is making sure tails and fronts ends are not sticking out into traffic.

Summerville says they've been up and down the roads several hours. And will continue to stay out as long as it takes. "We've been here, this our job, this is what we've trained for, we have all of our resources here," said Summerville.