Case of Woman shooting and killing Ex up to Grand Jury

The Tuscaloosa County woman accused of shooting and killing her husband in cold blood was in a courtroom on Friday.

Tracey Grissom, admitted to gunning down her ex-husband, Hunter Grissom at Binion Boat Landing in May.

But, she did not avoid cameras and talked through her attorney as they left the courtroom.

Attorney, Warren Freeman said Tracey Grissom is the real victim."He (Hunter){}raped her, sodomized her...beat her till she was unconscious."

Hunter Grissom was awaiting trial for those allegations that happened in 2010.

Now, a grand jury must decide will Tracey Grissom face a jury on a murder charge.

The sticking point may come from Dale Dockery.{} He was an employee who says he was with Hunter Grissom when he was killed.{} Dockery testified that Tracey (Grissom) drove town to the landing in her brown car, jumped out...(QUOTE) "shooting Hunter as he turned his back, firing until she ran out of bullets. She went back to the car. I thought she was going to get some more shoot me and my brother," he said.

Dales brother, William says he was on the other end of the boat landing from Tracey calling 911.

Defense attorneys however, point out inconsistencies in the brothers statement and questioned whether either person actually saw the shooting.

Meanwhile, social media support is mounting.{} There are{}'JUSTICE' facebook pages for both Trace and Hunter Grissom.{} Together both have had a thousand likes.

Hunter built docks for his living.{} One of his customers, Scott Perkins said, "He was a great guy, did great work, and real personable."

But, Tracey Grissom's attorneys say their case will show a different side. "Rapes..and the beatings that took place...all those things are factors of what happened on May 15th."