Case worker fired; Mother of shooting victim speaks out

{}{}{}{} For the first time we see the results of a violent robbery attempt earlier this month that left five young victims shot.{}

{}{}{}{} Carmon Roberts shared with ABC 33/40 photos of her wounded son's arm.{} In one you see where a bullet entered the arm and the other where he had surgery and it appears to have been stitched or stapled.

{}{}{} Roberts son was the one who fired back at Donald Wynn and Tivon Thomas.{} They're the two men who police say tried to rob the five victims at a private birthday party at the Eddins Estates apartment complex in Cottondale

{}{} "I watched my son cry...a grown man cry because he's in so much pain.{} I saw the pictures of his arm today.{} He's going to be scared for the rest of his life," Roberts told reporter Isaiah Harper by phone.

{}{} Roberts interview came just as Tuscaloosa County officials announced they have fired a social worker connected with one of the suspects in the shooting case.

{}{}{}The employee worker for Community Corrections and was responsible for monitoring Donald Wynn's drug recovery according to County Administrator Melvin vines.{} "The director [of Community Corrections] found the [social worker] to have not followed protocol in relations to some drug testing procedures at the community corrections activity."

{}{} Last Week, Tuscaloosa Sheriff, Ted Sexton said Donald Wynn had failed four drug tests in a month and tried to fake the results of another.{} Allegedly that information was not relayed to the judge in charge of Wynn's case prior to his involvement in the birthday party shooting.

{}{}{} Roberts mother says, "These people just turn their back and neglect their duty because somebody didn't do their job and keep these criminals away.{} I go to sleep every night and have nightmares about my son and these kids because they are family."

{}{}{} Roberts says the 17-year old who is left paralyzed from the shooting is her son's cousin.{} But, what she says she worries about most is "how many more will slip through the cracks, can and will do the same thing if given the chance."

{}{}{} Another victim remains in the hospital battling an onset of pneumonia after being shot.{} The 18-year old was recently upgraded from critical to stable condition.