Notre Dame's "Catholics vs. Cousins" t-shirt angered some Alabama fans

The "Catholics vs. Cousins" shirt has angered some Alabama football fans.

Jimmy Clausen's new t-shirt has some Alabama fans angry.

Clausen, a former Notre Dame quarterback, tweeted a photo of a BCS National Championship game shirt made by Irish fans that has the slogan "Catholics vs. Cousins" on it. The controversial slogan is a play on a shirt made for the 1988 national championship game between Notre Dame and Miami that was labeled "Catholics vs. Convicts", but many 'Bama fans didn't find Clausen's new swag to be too funny.

The third-string quarterback for the Carolina Panthers was bombarded with angry tweets from Crimson Tide fans, prompting Clausen to delete the photo from his Twitter account. He also tweeted an apology to upset fans.

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone by posting that shirt, I didn't mean anything by it at all...Looking forward to a great game in Miami!" Clausen tweeted recently.

The novelty shirt sells for $17 online. Given the passion of many Alabama fans, I wouldn't be surprised if one is shipped to Alabama to be set ablaze.