Cattle rustling in Cherokee County

A Gaylesville farmer says he will quit raising cattle if cattle rustlers continue to target his ranch. Elbert Whitley has been raising cattle since 1995, but recently cattle{}bandits have stealing his cows.

" I've been hit 5 times,"{} said Whitley.

The most recent incident took place Tuesday.{} Whitley said a mother cow lead him toward the{}backside of his{}spacious property. From a distance, he could see two men dragging a dead calf.

"Killed it, shot, and gutted it," said Whitley.{} He says the bandits ran off with the meat.

Whitley says he can sell a calf for $2- $2.50 a pound.{}He says they{}could weigh about 300 to 350 pounds.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver says{}reports of{} cattle theft in the county are rare. He says what is happening to Whitley unique.

" It is an isolated incident," said Shaver.

If you have any information on this case, you are encouraged to call the Sheriff's Department at (256) 927- 3365.