Celebrating International Red Panda Day

We are on the heels of{} International Red Panda Day.{} You may not realize it, but the Birmingham Zoo is giving us the opportunity to celebrate the special day.{} On September 21, you can participate in the Red Panda Games.{} In the game, participants become a red panda ranger and learn how these unique animals survive in the wild.{} It's all about raising community awareness for red pandas.{} Visitors can view the newborn red panda cubs by using a video monitor in the Predator Building.{} You can also get your face painted, enjoy live keeper chats, watch an exciting red panda fruit enrichment activity, raffle for a chance to win red panda items and explore the Zoo to spot other animals that share the red panda's habitat. If families are unable to make it to the zoo, you can still participate in learning.{} Families can visit the zoo's website and download a coloring sheet of the red pandas.{} Some of those sheets will be used as a display at the exhibit. On May 30, 2013, the Birmingham Zoo welcomed the United States' first set of red panda cubs born in 2013. This was the first litter born to the 3-year-old mom, Sorrel and dad, Shifu, 4.{} The breeding that led to this birth followed the American Zoological Association's Species Survival Plan, SSP, a nationally-coordinated effort to save threatened and endangered animals. With fewer than 10,000 adult red pandas left in the world due to a loss of habitat, this birth marked a significant conservation milestone for the vulnerable species.