Celebrating the 4th at American Village

At American Village in Montevallo, Wednesday, people could get a taste of not only the 1770's, but also American history.

John Adams's wife, Abigail spent the day sharing her knowledge of the colonial era. And she wasn't alone. She was joined by historic figures like Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry, who said the phrase "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Actors, like these, spend the fourth of July teaching the public about the struggle for independence from British rule. For many it's a learning experience.

They say in 1776, people were fighting for the American dream. A dream that lives on in 2012.

"It is up to every individual citizen to do his or her part to be involved in what is happening," Adams said. "And to be aware of what is happening in our country."

"Individual civil liberty is the single most important, God-given blessing we can defend," Henry said.

"But they have to fight for it and they have to earn it and they have to work for it," Franklin said.

Adams calls it the American spirit that transcends time.

"Tis not always easy," she said. "[But it] will be well worth it in the end."