Celebration of Greatness honoring pioneers of the movement

A celebration took place honoring many pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement. People packed Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Fairfield to celebrate those who became trailblazers for equality.

"I think we have to understand the foundation on which we stand today." There's much reflection, fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Richard Arrington Junior says "We have to recognize there have been a lot of people along the way, milestone by milestone who made this day possible."

Metro Birmingham NAACP President, Hezekiah Jackson, says{}"We have Mrs. Gladys Coleman who was known in the city of Fairfield for activism with voting rights. We have the first librarian for Miles College."

Numerous Civil Rights Pioneers were honored at this celebration of greatness.. like Dr. Richard Arrington Junior, Birmingham's first African American Mayor. "People are quick to say we still got more to do and I agree, but we ought to also see how far we've come a long, long way."

And many students from Miles College could see that first hand, just by seeing these pioneers face to face. Jackson says{} "We think it's important for our children not to just study history, but to see living history and actually be able to see those persons who are recorded in the history books for their contributions to Civil Rights, Birmingham and around the world."

State Representative, Juandalynn Givan, says{}the ceremony also{}provided a sense of knowledge as to just how far we've come these past fifty years." Through special recognition and thanks to those who helped our country move forward.

There were also some posthumous honorees remembered for their dedication. The featured speaker of the event was Miles College President , Dr. George French Junior.