Man arrested for firing a pistol near Pinson restaurant

Wynston Ellis

A Center Point man has been arrested after authorities say he fired a pistol near a restaurant in Pinson. Jefferson County sheriff deputies say Wynston Ellis got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend at the Waffle House parking lot.{} During the argument, he slapped her in the face.{} A male employee went outside to ask him to leave the property.{} Deputies say Ellis pointed a pistol at him and fired one shot.{} The bullet missed and Ellis got in a car with another man and a woman and left the parking lot.{} As they drove off, Ellis fired another shot into the air.{} The suspect was later stopped on Center Point Road and Westchester Drive.{} The 21 year old was arrested and charged with carrying a pistol without a license, public intoxication and two counts of third degree domestic violence.{} Attempted murder and menacing charges are being screened.{} The case remains under investigation.