Center Point man charged with impersonating peace officer at Walmart

Reginald Recartoo Dial

A Center Point man has been arrested for impersonating a PeaceOfficer at a Gardendale Walmart.

Gardendale Police report a man walked into the store on Friday,September 14th through the general entrance and proceeded to thecustomer service counter. The man spoke with several Walmart employees and toldthem he was a Jefferson County Narcotics Deputy. He said he needed information concerningone of the employees. The employees told the man they needed to seeidentification before they could give out any information. The man said he hadno identification. He said he was there because the particular employee owedback child support and had an outstanding warrant. The man still refused toshow proper identification and Walmart's assistant manager told him he wasgoing to call Gardendale Police. The man quickly exited the store.

Gardendale Detectives were able to identify the suspect asReginald Recartoo Dial from Center Point. Dial was arrested and a warrant was obtainedfor Impersonating a Peace Officer. He has been transported to the JeffersonCounty Sheriff's Office and is being held on a $15,000 bond.