Centerpoint Fire Department gives to children

Center Point Firemen rescue children from burning buildings... but this Christmas they delivered in a different way.

They delivered wagons and presents to children at Children's hospital in honor of their fallen brother... Ricky Davis who died battling a blaze.

Centerpoint Firefighter Chris Horne says. "Back in the summer we have a golf tournament... we.. decided this was one of his favorite things to do... Ricky always had a smile on his face. When you see smiling faces reminds us of Ricky."

In light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut... these firemen say it's a good way to express love for children.

Bringing in wagons and toys for the children at children's hospital.

{}Chris Horne, firefighter says, "Turn it around we see kids hurt blessing to see this ... bring wagons to kids... see smiles. Its a calling from God we're here for a reason to save lives...

and make a difference.

A little six year old girl named Raine Keir has battled liver issues for years... And had something to say about it.

Raine Keir says, "Thanks guys for my toys."

Santa. "Merry Christmas.!!"

It will be.... thanks to the Centerpoint Fire Department.