Central-Tuscaloosa, Paul Bryant basketball game suspended after fight in stands

Tuscaloosa Police cars outside of Central-Tuscaloosa High School's gym following a fight in the stands between two adults during a basketball game Friday night. (

A brawl during a boy's high school basketball game in Tuscaloosa forced police to use pepper-spray tonight, and caused play to be suspended.

The incident happened in the first quarter of Central-Tuscaloosa High School's home game against Paul Bryant.

Central-High principal Clarence Sutton Jr. tells ABC 3340 they were in the midst of a good game when two male adults started to fight in the bleachers. Officers were not able to separate the men and were forced to use pepper spray to intervene.

Some people were treated in the school's parking lot for minor irritations, but there are no reports of serious injuries.

The two men involved in the altercation are currently in police custody. It's unclear when the game will resume.


Principal Sutton says the game will be resumed Saturday at 4 p.m. and fans will not be allowed entrance.